Xmas Hampers & Chocolates

When is the Best Time to Buy Christmas Chocolate Hampers?

If you know someone that is partial to a few gallons of chocolate during the festive period, then the chances are that you’re constantly searching for new and exciting ways to help them with their latest chocolate fix. Have you ever thought about Christmas chocolate hampers? These gifts can be customised and are considered luxury in nature, so they can make the ideal gift for anyone that will appreciate them.

But we know what you’re thinking… who has time to prepare and package a gift hamper these days – especially when the festive period can be so ridiculously time consuming? Well, that’s where online hamper websites come in handy. These suppliers specialise in offering a variety of products, packaging them and then taking care of the delivery – all so that you can minimise the time and effort that you spend taking care of these tasks yourself.

But doesn’t chocolate spoil?

Well, yes and no. Some chocolate can be prone to going off, if it is allowed to sit for a consistent amount of time. Others can last a little longer – but they are often made using preservatives and so a lot of people try to avoid these types. So, when it the best time to buy a chocolate gift hamper in time for Christmas exactly?

That all depends on when you are planning on giving it to your recipient. The great thing about hamper making websites is that plenty of them clearly state when is best to order in time to guarantee a Christmas delivery. Chocolate hampers in particular will require fresh products to be packaged, so there’s really no harm in ordering them as little as a week or a fortnight from the big day.

In our experience, ordering a month in advance of the festive period can be the most beneficial time, but if you don’t mind picking specific chocolate products that offer longer life spans than other types, then there’s no harm in ordering as early on in the year as necessary – just be sure to store your hamper in a cool, dry place to make sure that the components stay as fresh as possible for the rest of the year.

How to Make Your Own Xmas Chocolates

The festive season is a time for families to come together, with exciting activities to take part in and plenty of fun to be had by all. If you’re thinking about creating your own tasty treats then they won’t get much tastier than with a selection of Xmas chocolates. You could take the easy route and buy some that are ready-made from your local store, or you could add a little more excitement to your purchase by using an online hamper making website.

In this article we are planning on telling you how to make your very own Christmas chocolates that everyone will enjoy (or at least those with a sweet tooth will!)

What You Will Need

To get started, you will need the following ingredients:

  • At least four bars of white, milk, or dark chocolate – depending on what type you’d like to make
  • A microwave or saucepan (with stove)
  • Freshly ground cinnamon
  • Freshly ground mint
  • A bottle of milk
  • A few chocolate moulds

To get started, simply melt your chocolate into your saucepan or inside of your microwave. To make sure that it melts evenly, be sure to add milk in 25 to 50ml increments. This can help to avoid burning, whilst making sure that the resulting mixture is as soft and smooth as possible. Once your chocolate has been melted, you will want to add your cinnamon and mint, or any other ingredients that you’d like to use to flavour your final product.

With your ingredients mixed, the next step is to pour the resultant mixture into your chocolate moulds and then set to one side as you continue to pour. Don’t worry if a little spills, you can clean it up later with a sponge (or a spoon). With your moulds full, simply place them into your fridge and allow them to set for between three and six hours (or overnight if you’d prefer).

And that’s all that it takes to create Christmas chocolates. By using ready-made chocolate and adding your own festive ingredients, you’ll be able to add a bit of Christmas to every bite.