How to Reveal a Smooth, Glowing Complexion Overnight

Possessing great looking skin is something that most people want to achieve, but with the signs of ageing, our modern diets and a host of other factors determined to work against us, this can sometimes be quite a challenge. No matter your age and regardless of your skin care routine, you can take advantage of the tips listed below to replenish, rehydrate and reinvigorate your complexion in the space of an evening!

Undergoing a professional treatment

There’s no greater way to improve the look and feel of your skin, than by booking an expert therapy session at a local salon. From a professional facial all the way to more advanced procedures like face lifts and Botox – if there’s one thing that a qualified therapist will be able to do, its look after your skin. Why not consider booking a treatment and you’ll soon be walking around with a youthful complexion that defies the years.

A glass of water before bed

It’s a well-known fact that our metabolisms slow down over night and this means that less antioxidants will be making their way to your dermal layers and skin cells. We can’t keep our metabolisms active, but we can prolong the effect of digestion by drinking a glass of water before bed. By doing so, you’ll be giving your body some much needed hydration that will flow through your veins well until the morning. The result? A hydrated complexion from the very start of the following day!

Avoid harsh moisturisers and products

Many people swear by their moisturisers and anti-ageing products, but what they don’t know is that many of them possess ingredients that will only make themselves known in the future. These ingredients typically relate to scented and perfumed products and as the scents are synthetic, they can act to kill skin cells and increase the sign of wrinkles. Instead, opt for a scent-free product that won’t put you at risk of premature ageing. A good beauty therapist or salon will be able to advise you on the best products available.