Beauty Treatments to Replenish Sagging Skin

The old saying that ‘time waits for no one’ has never meant more than when considering the affect that ageing has on our skin. As we age, our dermal layers lose their natural elasticity and the result is often sagging skin that plays host to wrinkles and crows’ feet in equal measure. In the battle for agelessness, there are a few particularly effective beauty treatments that can help you to say “goodbye old cells” and “hello, fresh complexion”. Here’s a look at a few of the most effective.

The power of the facial

Men and women of all ages have been undergoing facials for centuries. From the days of the ancient Egyptians where bees wax was used to polish and tone facial tissue, all the way to medieval times where kings and emperors would rely on boiled weeds to remove dead skin cells and reveal a smooth complexion; the concept of the facial is nothing new. These days however, and thanks in no small part to a greater level of understanding relating to ingredients and their properties; there’s no better way to restore vitality and replenish tired pores than with a good facial cleansing therapy.

Facial massage

Although not as common as traditional methods; facial massage is still very popular for the unique benefits that it offers. One of the main causes that plays a role in skin sagging is the loosening of muscle tissue within the face itself. Massage is well-known for its muscle toning properties and so a relaxing treatment can do much more than simply unwind the mind. When performed by an expert beauty therapist, it can help to stimulate the layers of muscle under the skin and encourage them to hold firm; helping to decrease the visibility of wrinkles in the process.

The art of chemical peels

The chemicals used within modern day peels may have changed over the years; but there’s no denying that the latest chemical peels now offer some of the most notable results imaginable. Although they can be a little abrasive if used frequently, there’s really no harm in the occasional use. When undertaken by a professional therapist, the results can be astounding. Being able to literally strip away dead and dying skin cells can be a huge benefit – especially when the final result is a smooth, clear complexion that defies the years.